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I am not singing with happiness but, I do break out in smiles.


This blog has been lingering in the back of my mind for the last few months. I’ve missed it.

I’ve moved home and learnt a great deal about myself. I am quite messy; I actually like eating well; and sometimes, I enjoy having a lie in. I always thought that I couldn’t do it but, it got too much living with my sisters. And I was so unhappy and felt backed into a corner so I had to take the jump. I don’t think that I had ever been that unhappy before. Almost like a caged animal was who forgotten what it’s like to be free.

I walk to work now. It’s an 1.5 hours both ways. I get my yoga in about three times a week. I randomly break into squats and lunges whilst cooking. Sometimes, I do Warrior’s Pose before bed.

New things that I have discovered in these last few months:

  1. Elliott Hulse on YouTube. Check him out.
  2. Bio Energetics
  3. Colour correcting primer
  4. I can be really brave. I asked my long time crush out!

I’ve plucked up the courage to start having laser hair removal on my face again. I was close to crying the first time. My face was on FIRE. So much of the hair dropped out. It really shocking. When you’ve lived with something for so long it’s surprising when you can feel good. I’ve hated my face so long it’s weird getting comfortable with myself again.

Change comes from belief. I’m willing to try challenging things. Things that make me feel awkward. I want to push myself on the different levels and see where I wind up.




Let’s jump!


Usually, I have to tell the voice in my voice to ‘F*** off!’ So, imagine my surprise when I was falling asleep on the train and the voice said ‘Right. To the gym!’. I thought ‘Ha?’ I was confused. Perplexed. When I say I was feeling asleep I mean properly drifting off with my head banging against the side of the train a few times. And I never sleep in moving vehicles. For two nights I had a total of 10 hours sleep. The first night I had to go back to work at 10.30pm to sort out some mess and the other night I spent the evening with an upset friend. Generally, on days like this I tend to over eat and not exercise. When I managed to walk into the gym last night and actually do Blogilates’ Shuffle-a-Truffle I was like WHAT THE HELL!! I never knew I had it in me. Running sideways on a treadmill is actually quite fun. I’m going to try running backwards. Maybe not anytime soon though.

This morning I reluctantly stepped on to the scale. All week I felt lighter but the last thing I wanted to step onto the scales and I find that I was on the same weight or heavier. With PCOS working out does not always translate to the numbers that you want. Plus, I feel so great I didn’t want to blow it. Like I had done in the past.  I was happy to see that I’ve lost 2kg this week! Yay for me! It spurred me on to do Blogilates’ workout for the day and I realise I like jumping. As a child I was always made to stay in one place and not run around (plus I love reading) so I’m always self conscious when I’m jumping or moving quickly. But, I’ve found that I like jumping. I’m sure my neighbours don’t though. I won’t be stepping on the scales again for a month now. I don’t want to judge my performance by numbers alone. I hope that you have had an inspiring workout today.



Holding myself accountable


Two blogs in a day. I’m on a bit of a roll. It’s nice being excited for myself. I find myself championing other people and really want to celebrate there success but being shy about my own and downplaying things. It’s nice feeling different as though something has shifted inside of me.

Tomorrow I’m going to start a food diary but, with photos. Everything I eat CLICK. I’ll hate it. It will probably stop me from eating but, I’m going to try hard not to censor myself. I’m hoping that seeing my daily food choices will help me to make better ones. I love eating cake. I’m not going to stop eating it but, I need to stop eating so much of it. Just because my cakes are gluten, egg and diary free doesn’t make them calorie free. With my PCOS eating that many carbs so often is not an option for me. Seeing it all will force me to deal with it. I’ll be post it online so I can’t hide at all.lol

Today I was on the treadmill for 50 minutes. My legs were cramping quite badly during Core at lunchtime so my I didn’t go all out. I need to drink more water, I think. Maybe I’ll grab some tonic water, too. My magnesium tablets usually help but, it seems that I might need to increase my dosage. I’m not sure.

Treadmill-fast walking

  • Time: 50 mins
  • Rolling hills
  • Highest incline 3%
  • Speed 6.5

Core programme 20 mins



  • Time 35mins
  • Interval
  • Level 5/6

Core programme 20 mins

Day before

Core programme 20 mins

During the weekend I’ll weigh myself and take my measurements. I’ve lost weight before without actually knowing how much I lost. All I knew was that I lost 10″ from my chest and 8″ from my waist. Not even how many kilos or anything- that’s not going to happen again.

I hope that you all had a great workout today, too. XxXx