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Sorry if you saw my knickers today…


Somehow, I had not realised that my body would be this sore. And that I would have to hit the gym and work hard whilst aching. During my workouts I am focused and I work through the pain- no more looking at the panels of other people’s machines when I’m almost dying. Ha! There’s one way of getting rid of comparison envy. Whatever discomfort I’m feeling during my exercises I can bear. But, I did not know that I would not give myself a rest and that the next day I would be back in the gym repeating the killer exercise from yesterday. At least I can walk. Last week after my session on the treadmill I couldn’t go down stairs for 5 days. At least my body is adapting. I managed to fit in two hours of exercise on Monday. I woke up early by accident and the first thing I thought was ‘I can exercise!’ Strange and slightly scary. I am almost waiting for this joy to fall away and for me to go back to my old self. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like every day is like this. Last week I spent most of my week feeling horrid and I cried myself to sleep last night. But, I kicked ass on that treadmill though.

Yesterday, during my Core exercises and hipwork I realised two things: Firstly, that everything that I have learned for the last few years has finally come together. For a long time I did not fully commit to changing myself. Now, it’s not easy but, it’s not the uphill struggle that it used to be. Yes, I have tried to talk myself out of going to the gym for the last two days. But, I went and worked HARD! To top that I worked out for two hours on Monday as I woke up early and did some yoga. The second thing that I realised is that I need to respect my injuries. My pigeon pose is quite deep on my left side but my right knee is injured. It used to frustrate me that I could not bend my knee as much or bend forward as far as I wanted. However, yesterday I thought to myself ‘This is how far you can go today. Respect your injury. Respect your knee.’

It’s coming together in a way that I never thought possible. My portions have decreased and I am not starving. Although my cashew nut addiction shows no sign of abating. Why can I not have an addiction to carrots instead?:) Aching limbs are now my badge of pride. I’ve even somehow managing to overcome my fear of people using me exercise. I’ve found a new room for my lunchtime practise. Sure, a high rise office block overlooks me and I am sorry if you saw my knickers today. But, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.




Respect and awareness


This morning I woke up aching. DOMS had set in. The cramps that I had last night had gotten worse. I felt stiff but I still packed my gym bag. I felt like I was making excuses. Almost as though this new found love was a wave that was going to crash any minute.

Throughout the day I kept noticing different parts of me aching. The soreness near my tailbone from over stretching last week. My triceps. My calfs and hamstrings. My thighs. Oh Lord, my thighs. I decided not to do any Core work at lunchtime hoping that I would feel a little better. Whilst eating my lunch I realised that it was likely that I would not be going to the gym in the evening. I did not feel disappointed as I realised that I owed my body respect. If it was aching then I needed to allow it to rest. Yes, I would love to exercise for 2 hours everyday but I’m not yet at the stage to do that. If this is to be a lifestyle change then my actions don’t need to be crazy and hurricane like. My colleague said to me that I need to listen to my body. So I listened which is not something that I usually do. When I felt like eating sweetcorn for lunch this morning I went out and bought some. I was in pain so I rested. I noticed how it felt to rest my legs on chair. The simple action of elevating my legs felt wonderful.

I came home after work. I eat my salad and watched a few programmes. The old me would have hit the gym and then I would not have gone for a week because I would not have been able to move. I am trying to be consistent. It’s not motivation and will power that I need more of. It’s love and respect for myself. To love myself enough to know that when I’m hurt that I need to rest and to respect that decision instead of pooh-poohing myself and saying ‘Get on with it!’

I didn’t take any photos for my food diary like I said I would because I kept forgetting. There’s always tomorrow, right?

I’ll list the foods that I’ve eaten here today. I have two small breakfasts because I way cup early:

  1. Flaxseed meal porridge with peanut butter
  2. Gluten free cornflakes with soya milk and a few almonds
  3. Apple
  4. Nakd Cocoa Orange Raw Bar
  5. Salad with steamed salmon, sweetorn, avocado and hummus
  6. 10 almonds
  7. Dried pears, raisins, dark chocolate covered apricots
  8. Salad with baked salmon, olives and hummus.

How was your workout today? Do you have any tips for leg cramps?