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Diet Bet!


I joined the Blogilates diet bet challenge! I’m slightly scared but, I know that I can do it. Plus, I’m competitive. Quietly though. Probably the worse kind. I’ve seen diet bets from YouTube personalities before so when Cassey posted her video I know that I had to do it. I’M NOT LOSING THAT MONEY!!! It’s the perfect motivation to get me to exercise more and also, to add some higher intensity workouts to my regime.

Monday to Friday I walk for 1.5 hours but, it’s not high intensity. More of a medium pace quick walk. I’ve been running sporadically on the weekends, too and my eating has been relatively clean. I’m not kidding when I say that oatcakes with honey, cinnamon and blueberries are my YOLO meal. It’s paid off. I am losing weight and body fat. Using the next notch up on my belt makes me smile and I know that slow weight loss is the best type. It’s just that when you have so much to lose you wonder when you’ll be able to stop? I guess that the answer is that these changes that I’ve made are not a short term solutions. This is going to be my way of life and it’s a bit of a shock when I compare it to my old life. Will I be able to maintain it or will I slide into old patterns? One place I can see it being difficult is eating with other people whether it’s going to a friend’s home or out in a restaurant. I don’t want to have to explain to every single person that I don’t eat this or that. I seem to drink a lot of tea in restaurants instead of eating:) I don’t just want to eat, I want to eat well.

I looked in the mirror this morning and told myself that I love me. Very, very much. I could actually look myself in the eye and do this. Sincerely. Three years ago I was so embarrassed doing this Louise Hay exercise. I remember trying it. I was shy; I couldn’t look myself in the eye; and although I so badly wanted to mean it, I didn’t. Learning to nurture and care for myself has set me on a journey to peeling back the layers of who I am and falling with myself once again. Even if does mean that I let out the competitive beast that has been quietly living inside of me! That 4% is going down this month!




Let’s jump!


Usually, I have to tell the voice in my voice to ‘F*** off!’ So, imagine my surprise when I was falling asleep on the train and the voice said ‘Right. To the gym!’. I thought ‘Ha?’ I was confused. Perplexed. When I say I was feeling asleep I mean properly drifting off with my head banging against the side of the train a few times. And I never sleep in moving vehicles. For two nights I had a total of 10 hours sleep. The first night I had to go back to work at 10.30pm to sort out some mess and the other night I spent the evening with an upset friend. Generally, on days like this I tend to over eat and not exercise. When I managed to walk into the gym last night and actually do Blogilates’ Shuffle-a-Truffle I was like WHAT THE HELL!! I never knew I had it in me. Running sideways on a treadmill is actually quite fun. I’m going to try running backwards. Maybe not anytime soon though.

This morning I reluctantly stepped on to the scale. All week I felt lighter but the last thing I wanted to step onto the scales and I find that I was on the same weight or heavier. With PCOS working out does not always translate to the numbers that you want. Plus, I feel so great I didn’t want to blow it. Like I had done in the past.  I was happy to see that I’ve lost 2kg this week! Yay for me! It spurred me on to do Blogilates’ workout for the day and I realise I like jumping. As a child I was always made to stay in one place and not run around (plus I love reading) so I’m always self conscious when I’m jumping or moving quickly. But, I’ve found that I like jumping. I’m sure my neighbours don’t though. I won’t be stepping on the scales again for a month now. I don’t want to judge my performance by numbers alone. I hope that you have had an inspiring workout today.



Scars, injuries, imperfections and patience


My body has finally shut down with the ‘flu. I was feeling a bit unwell a couple of weeks ago but, now my head is pounding and I ache. Every where. I took the day off from work yesterday but, I’m back in the office as I don’t ache as much. Yes, I am thinking about the money as I am a temp but, I’d like to think that I would not go to work if I was very sick.

My last amazing workout was on Monday where I did Blogilates’ Treadmill Shredmill workout. OMG!! I don’t think that I have ever worked this hard. My legs were shaking like a leaf after I stopped off the treadmill. I hadn’t even run at 6mph. Try it. If you dare. I discovered that the incline on the treadmill goes to 15%! I don’t ever want to know if it goes further than this.  On Sunday I did the Blogilates upper body workout for Saturday 13th October. My upper back was still hurting yesterday. I held a plank and moved! for 10 minutes. I’m seriously happy. Adding to my happiness I started to run on the treadmill. I was quite scared to do this. I have no problem running on road but, there is something about running on a treadmill that frightened me. Then last Tuesday during my workout I thought ‘Go for it’. I started running and that was it. I tried the stairmaster as well that day. Oh Lord, who invented this monster? When I recover next week I’ll definitely be using it a little more.

I tried to watch Supreme 90 during the weekend but it won’t work on my dvd player. When I was purchasing it I thought that it would work on my mac. Alas, this is not the case. I don’t really feel like buying a region free dvd player just to play those dvds. I guess I could hack my mac? But, no. I had wanted to try Supreme 90 for the resistance training. Instead, for the next few months I’m going to stick to Blogilates workouts and pilates for resistance training and then I’ll hit the gym for cardio work. I’ll be going back to try some Taebo. I love Billy Blanks. I’ll still be doing core work at lunch time although finding a room to do it in is becoming a bit of a problem. I find that variety keeps me happy. Too much of one thing is boring. Like lying in bed wondering when I’ll get better so I can exercise.

Having said this lying in bed has given me the time to think about the impact of shame on my body.  My eczema has flared up pretty badly covering about 50% or maybe a little more of my torso. It’s all over my arms too. Ordinarily, I would be ashamed of showing my arms in the gym. Instead on Monday I rubbed some moisturiser on and had a happy workout. Yes, a couple of women in the changing room might have thought I was strange for putting it on before I had a sweaty workout. Oh well. I didn’t want to run on a treadmill because I would feel ashamed if I fell off. The impact of shame is that I want to look like I’m not trying when it comes to my body. I have never minded if people know if I care about other areas of my life. I mean I slept on the floor of my library when I thought that I might fail a year during my degree. I didn’t want to be seen to be exercising because I was ashamed to be seen to be working out. In some ways I think that for men if you join a gym it’s part and parcel of looking good. But, for women I have found that it becomes competitive. It’s a generalisation, I know. But, have you noticed the different reactions that your male and female friends have to you wanting to get healthier and lose weight? This time it’s more of a secret for me. I’m a clandestine fit girl weeding out those habits and thoughts that I have had as a child. This has made me want to root out shame from my life. The shame that I recognise and the shadowy side of it that I don’t.

I’ve never really valued my body. I’ve spent a lifetime being ashamed of it. I’ve allowed other people to devalue it and pour their own obsessions over me. From the day when my parents at shouted me for showing ‘my fat body’ in public as I went naked in the kids paddling pool in reception class to the days when the stuffed my face with foods that I knew that I was allergic to. I realise that a lifetime of hatred does not disappear in a few weeks. I don’t know if it will ever away but, I am going to try so damn hard to think and breathe in a way that shows love and gratitude for the body that I have. With all its scars, injuries and imperfections. I am grateful for being able to feel the chill of the autumn air. For being able to watch watercolour sunsets. For being able to taste the deliciousness of homemade almond butter. All my flaws and experiences are for my benefit. I going to take all of my experiences and grow from them.



I thought that my gym bag felt too light…


I’ve had a bit of a blah day today. I woke up late. I forget my lunch which was already packed and ready to go in my fridge. I was dizzy up until lunchtime. Top it off I was sleepy. So sleepy that I could have gladly rested my head on my desk. Until 4.30pm struck and I thought ‘I’m going to the gym! Yes!’ At 4.55pm I went to put my jacket in my bag and I thought let me check my kit. From the moment I put on my gym bag this morning I thought ‘This feels a bit lighter than usual’. However, I was in such a hurry that I did not give much thought to it.

Guess what? I had forgotten my yoga pants. Great, right? Going to the gym in my t-shirt and trainers was not an option.lol So, on top of not being able to do any core work at lunch because the room was booked I also wouldn’t be working out in the evening. Well, at least I could take my new Hunter wellies straight home so I could try them on instead of leaving them at work I thought.

Got home and tried my wellies and thought I could do some blogilates videos! Here, I am. My abs are hurting and my shoulders and back. My inner thighs! I’ve even done this video. If you haven’t seen this video please go and check it out. You will fall over with laughter.

I promised myself that I would not chain my fitness to the gym. Workouts can be done anywhere. In your lounge, in your local park. I used to make myself go to the gym only at a certain time of day because I hated the atmosphere so much. If I missed that prescribed time slot I would not go and guess, what most of the time I didn’t go. Years ago I used to run in my park during the summer and do videos at home for the rest of the year. I had never stepped in a gym at that time and that’s when I lost 4 dress sizes. I’m remembering that workouts can be fun even if they burn. I’m learning that progress is what it’s about not perfection. Yes, I could not do all the reps this evening. My form might have been off sometimes. My stomach still cramps terribly after doing a tiny amount of core work. But, I’m going  to keep pushing myself. I’m doing more than I’ve done in a long time and, yes, quite frankly I so need to high five myself right now. Hahahaha

Food for today – D- honestly for my eating today. It was a case of the serious snack attack in the morning because I was so dizzy.

  • Breakfast- gluten free porridge with soya milk, cashew nuts and banana chips.
  • A ridiculous amount of banana chips
  • Salad with beans and a little rice and quarter honey and mustard chicken.

I will definitely do better tomorrow.

My workout was 35mins with a variety of blogilates videos. I wanted to do another video but, the last time I did one of her leg videos I couldn’t go down stairs for a week. I always find Pilates deceptive! Check her out if you haven’t seen her on youtube. She is my inspiration. I completely love her. During my workout yesterday around 22 mins my thighs were burning so much and I wanted to step off the elliptical  and kept saying to myself “what would Cassey say?’

Who or what inspired you to workout? Do you have someone that you are totally crazy about?



I’ll run in the rain


Why am I starting this blog? To hold myself accountable. When you’ve stayed hidden for as long as I have you learn to make all sort of excuses. You don’t hold your self to account and the people around don’t either because they are making the same excuses you are. I’ve let my goals slide for various reasons but, mostly because I’m scared.

However, recently I’ve started doing more exercise and seeking out beneficial foods, videos and activities. I’ve spent the last couple of months watching and read blogilates videos and posts. Yesterday, i kept thinking to myself Cassey works so hard to me. Yes, me specifically. She’s made all these free videos and does them in the craziest of places. The front of Buckingham Palace everyone! I mean I can’t even run in the park without feeling like people are judging me. She was on the floor doing all sorts of moves in the middle of one the busiest places in London. She’s inspired me to order some trainers. Yes, I’ve had the same trainers for about 12 years.

I am going to get myself to the gym. But, I am also not going to rely on the gym as my only method of getting fit. I am going to plug my MP3 in and not give a fuck about what anyone says or thinks. I am fitter the I think about I don’t try because I don’t want to be seen trying. I don’t want to be that fit girl because fit girls are cute. Fit girls get what they want. Fit girls are confident and tell you just where to get off. I’m a nice girl. The quiet girl who happens to dress quirkily but, doesn’t want you to notice her too much. Just notice the brilliant clothes that she is wearing, the off-the-wall accessories but not the body or person underneath. Once I had a professor who asked me why are you hiding? I was angered by this question because it hit the nail on the head.

Why am I hiding on this fat? Don’t I deserve the best?

Often when people lose weight they tend to say that they were disgusted by the fact that they let themselves get so large. I’ve already lost 4 dresses sizes but, I don’t feel disdain for my larger self. If anything I feel sad. I wasn’t always able to protect myself and being fat was one of the ways in which I felt and feel protected. When I am scared, sad, afraid or confused I eat. Now, I stop and think about what I am doing. I have not always had this awareness.

My goal is to increase the love that I have for myself. Being fit for me does not mean being skinny. It means being strong. Pain free. Flexible. Alive in one’s skin. Being the best that I can be. I like the fact that I can give myself this. So why the wait? Get to it, girl!

I’m going to try. I am going to fall down. I will dust myself off and start again. This will be my secret mission. I will smile and ignore the doubters. I am who I say I am. I have the tools to make myself into anything I want to be. I had forgotten this. I’m remembering.