Monthly Archives: June 2013

Diet Bet!


I joined the Blogilates diet bet challenge! I’m slightly scared but, I know that I can do it. Plus, I’m competitive. Quietly though. Probably the worse kind. I’ve seen diet bets from YouTube personalities before so when Cassey posted her video I know that I had to do it. I’M NOT LOSING THAT MONEY!!! It’s the perfect motivation to get me to exercise more and also, to add some higher intensity workouts to my regime.

Monday to Friday I walk for 1.5 hours but, it’s not high intensity. More of a medium pace quick walk. I’ve been running¬†sporadically¬†on the weekends, too and my eating has been relatively clean. I’m not kidding when I say that oatcakes with honey, cinnamon and blueberries are my YOLO meal. It’s paid off. I am losing weight and body fat. Using the next notch up on my belt makes me smile and I know that slow weight loss is the best type. It’s just that when you have so much to lose you wonder when you’ll be able to stop? I guess that the answer is that these changes that I’ve made are not a short term solutions. This is going to be my way of life and it’s a bit of a shock when I compare it to my old life. Will I be able to maintain it or will I slide into old patterns? One place I can see it being difficult is eating with other people whether it’s going to a friend’s home or out in a restaurant. I don’t want to have to explain to every single person that I don’t eat this or that. I seem to drink a lot of tea in restaurants instead of eating:) I don’t just want to eat, I want to eat well.

I looked in the mirror this morning and told myself that I love me. Very, very much. I could actually look myself in the eye and do this. Sincerely. Three years ago I was so embarrassed doing this Louise Hay exercise. I remember trying it. I was shy; I couldn’t look myself in the eye; and although I so badly wanted to mean it, I didn’t. Learning to nurture and care for myself has set me on a journey to peeling back the layers of who I am and falling with myself once again. Even if does mean that I let out the competitive beast that has been quietly living inside of me! That 4% is going down this month!