Gym membership


I joined the gym yesterday. Me! Again!

But, things are different this time. The gym is not going to be the only place that I exercise. This gym is not the circus that my last gym was. There doesn’t seem to be that intense competitive sexual environment that was there before. I mean people pay for what I had to listen to. Plus it’s larger and emptying even at the supposed peak times. I am a lot more confident than I was 3 years ago. Even though my induction is not until next week I went to an instructor and asked him to use the elliptical. Before, I would have tried and probably failed to work it out for myself.

I only did 35 minutes but, boy did I feel like a goddess at the end of it. I felt amazing. I had taken my towel and underwear to change into but I went straight home and had a shower there. I didn’t want to shower away my warm (and yes sweaty) feeling. Standing at the bus stop I said to myself ‘I love exercising!’ It’s was weird but it sounds like me. Why shouldn’t I love exercising? Why can’t I love exercising as well as making things, cooking and staring at sunsets.  I’m going to make this part of my ID. I’m doing core exercises at lunch time for 20 mins. I am going to add 2-3 of blogilates videos in the morning. It’s going to be so cool. It is cool. I’m becoming the fit girl.


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